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  1. McBart ender's Avatar

    I see that reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated. Thank the deity of your choice.

    Seriously, thank goodness you're back. I thought we were going to have to post pictures of Tulsa's tailbone to try and smoke you out.
  2. hurricat's Avatar

    We missed you!
  3. InTheCone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FLdewey

    Holy Crap-a-Moly! Hi Dew! I'm speechless - we've missed you
  4. KanKunKid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tulsahurrcane
    Stretches for a Pain in the Tailbone

    That’s so awesome. You can find anything on the net.
    Oh yeah!

    I remember now.

    Yes, sitting for hours on (Juans) end in the torturous airline seats and airport seats caused me to have a similar experience. Mine, however, was exacerbated by the fact that for 3 months, all I had to sit on was hard wooden or plastic chairs, hard van and bus seats and the floor. I sought refuge in the bed, where I wallowed ("wallered" for certain folks south of the Ohio river) in misery. It takes about 2 days of no butt pressure for it to reach a state of tolerance to some sitting, but after 2 hours of sitting on a hard surface, the misery would return.
    My Filipino friends thought I was being a ****** (wimp) as I seemed to have ample padding, but what they didn't realize is that there is no padding for the tailbone. They also did not seem to appreciate the effects of gravity on Juan's posterior while sitting. They mostly weighing in at about 90 lbs soaking wet, they had little to no pressure on their butts and could sit for hours on a rock and not feel any ill effects from it. Whereas, I felt tailbone pain just considering it!
    I did try a few different positions and gyrations, such as putting my airline assigned seat in full recline, so far that I could see the nose hairs of the person sitting behind me when I looked up. It afforded some comfort for awhile, but then my legs became restless and I needed to writhe and flex them under the seat of the person in front of me and whimper quietly to myself until I could not take it anymore and I had to get up and walk. This only happens when the seat belt light is on, so, I have to sit and take it for a bit longer. Finally, reclining has reached its limit and I have to lean forward where the tail bone is safe from pressure and the natural padding and the upper thighs take it from there. This is the best posture for travel as far as the butt is concerned, but the other end (head and face) is placed against the headrest or video screen of the seat in front of you, also disturbing the person IN that seat. Leaning forward also does not allow for your arms to touch the arm rests and so they do not. Rest, that is. They hang down from your shoulders like a counterweight from a big clock and pull your shoulders down as well, and if not for your face being pressed against the back of the seat in front of you, you would fall headlong on your face! Fortunately, the chairs are sturdy and will not allow for that, but this particular position allows for a decent percentage of your upper body weight to be suspended by your face on the seat back. It gets old fast. Some are small enough to sit on their legs or sit sideways in the seat. If you can pull that off you will have no worries. To be sure, the action of making Juan's self comfortable while sitting for long periods is a conditioned reaction, Juan that we do without thinking about it as do animals. But when Juan is forced to be in an uncomfortable position with some pain, it gives us stress of the worst kind.
    Even if Juan takes strong drugs and survives the tailbone soreness, when Juan comes down from it, the tailbone soreness will be there waiting and growing with each minute Juan is still sitting on it.
    My advice is #2 options and lying down on Juan's side.
    A hemorrhoid ring can help, but has its own set of issues that come with it (fart amplifier and repository).

    I am glad you brought that up T. Fortunately, I have done the research and shared my findings (although not peer reviewed as of yet) so that we all my be able to deal with this insidious scourge that used to only effect stagecoach and Conestoga wagon riders, but has now caught up to economy class travelers of our modern age.

    And now my helpful tip of the day:
    Have you ever been using Firefox and due to bumbling fingers or some other accidental action when you go to hit the "shift" key, accidentally hit another key (ctrl + pgdn or pgup) and the dissertation of 500 words disappears without a trace from your screen?
    There was no way to bring it back till now!
    All Juan has to do is press ctrl+Z and voila! It all comes back!
    (It happened to me all the time and sometimes I would just forget it and not write it again although some of the things that got cut were bordering on pure genius (maybe not PURE genius, more like diluted and polluted genius), I would abandon the whole thing.
    Now I don't have to.

    Also, I am nominating this post as the Juan which exceeds by far the use of the word "Juan" more than any other. It's Juan of a kind. Juan more reason to use Juan's abilities when Juan wants to write a decent composition.

    This Juans for all of you! (with sore tail bones and a deleted post problem)

    I may not have saved any lives with this post, but I helped those Juans alive to enjoy their life a bit more, I hope!
  5. FLdewey's Avatar
  6. Aislinn's Avatar
    Good morning, afternoon and evening, everyjuan! Had to go check on what Google and Facebook know about me. I think they know more than my family. Nah, not really, but i couldn't resist saying it. 39 degrees when I got up, warmed up to 43, I'm loving having Fall finally here.

    Breakfast's on the sideboard: Sweet Crepes with Caramelized Pears, candied bacon, cinnamon sugar waffles, thick slices of smoked ham, crispy Golden Home Fries, cheddar biscuits and gravy, bourbon-glazed pork chops and fried eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit, tea and coffee. Enjoy!
  7. InTheCone's Avatar
    And a little early winter picture courtesy of LES....

  8. InTheCone's Avatar
    Ais' BreakFastCast - so nice - dreary and rainy here....

    Today: Partly sunny in the morning, then cloudy with slight chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 60s. Southeast winds around 5 mph. Chance of precipitation 20 percent.

    Tonight: Mostly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of showers in the evening. Lows in the mid 40s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph.

  9. InTheCone's Avatar
    Good Morning Bunkerites!

    BlackDar is lit up this morning....

  10. InTheCone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MSGAL
    Every time I come on here...something weird is happening Tulsa Tailbone Whut??
    She hasn't told us the whole story on that Juan, but it sounds painful.
  11. MSGAL's Avatar
    thanks're kind !! I
  12. InTheCone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MSGAL
    Whut y= u talkin bout. StA ???? and helllo all
    Hi MSG!

    I believe he just means it's going to

  13. MSGAL's Avatar
    Every time I come on here...something weird is happening Tulsa Tailbone Whut??
  14. InTheCone's Avatar
    Hi Aug! You iz correct, the reigns is a coming

    Between Google and this kind of stuff makes me not want to use the web at all.....
  15. MSGAL's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StAugustineFL
    Eye'm alive.

    Reigns are on the weigh.
    Whut y= u talkin bout. StA ???? and helllo all
  16. Ossqss's Avatar
    You probably will want to click the facebook write up below that article LF.

    Queue up Rockwell's "Somebody's Watchin Me"
  17. Landfall2004's Avatar
    A good one, Oss. I have always done the "Ad Choices" thing and opted out of all, periodically. Now I turned Google off, too!
  18. Ossqss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Landfall2004
    Yup--goggled my hip pain, found stretches.
  19. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    Eye'm alive.

    Reigns are on the weigh.
    Updated Yesterday at 08:48 PM by StAugustineFL
  20. McBart ender's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tulsahurrcane
    I would send you pictures but I’m pretty sure that would be Dewey’s last straw.


    Tulsa! You may have hit on an idea there. We need to contact Dewey. If someJuan were to post something objectionable, perhaps he might make an appearance...

    It's just a thought, but I don't think that 'porn-Bot' went away on its own. Dew probably had to block it.

  21. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tulsahurrcane
    Stretches for a Pain in the Tailbone

    Awesome. You can find anything on the net.
    Yup--goggled my hip pain, found stretches.
  22. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    Stretches for a Pain in the Tailbone

    That’s so awesome. You can find anything on the net.
    Updated Yesterday at 06:24 PM by Tulsahurrcane
  23. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    I would send you pictures but I’m pretty sure that would be Dewey’s last straw.
  24. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    The thing is my tailbone hurts and I can grab it from both sides at once. Front and back. I don’t think that’s normal. But oh well. I guess it’s not the worst thing ever.

    I’m still so jet lagged I have no idea what’s normal.

    Let me know if you too can do this. We will start a support group
    Updated Yesterday at 06:04 PM by Tulsahurrcane
  25. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Landfall2004
    I wish mine would...........
    Well, I shouldn’t talk about it but that has never stopped me blue suede shoes and all.
  26. Ossqss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tulsahurrcane
    Well your problems pale in comparison to mine. My butt fell off.
    It was that cold there?

  27. Aislinn's Avatar
    Hey Cone! Yep, there's always some pooch needing some work, especially with three at the house currently in training. Love your helpers with the tree! I have my house fully decorated for Thanksgiving, so Friday I'll be taking all that down and doing all the Christmas stuff. I have soooo much Christmas stuff it's redunculous.

    Passes large platter with thick slices of honey ham and home fries, corned beef hash with cheese topped with two fried eggs, and a pot of coffee.
  28. Aislinn's Avatar
    LOL, LF! I still work nine to eleven hours and now added in a sixth day, plus the paperwork and phone calls in the evenings and weekends! Just got done working on a new problem that popped up and we 'have off' all this week...

    Passes a plate of cinnamon monkey bread.
  29. InTheCone's Avatar
    BreakFast Time!

    I'll have some thick slices of honey ham with home fries, corned beef hash with cheese topped with two fried eggs, and coffee - TYVM Aislinn! I know you've got plenty of pooches romping around that there's always some 4 legger in need of a little work, or a tune up

    I don't know if we'll get any more mischief out of the tropics around here this year, but it supposed to be rainy this week. That's okay, I'll just stay inside and wrestle with the greedy weed and partake of some option #2 practice in the name of holiday spirit.

    I think I'll call for some assistance to get the danged thing put up...

  30. Landfall2004's Avatar

    I thought you were supposed to be retired. You have gone from teaching kids to teaching dogs.

    I will have some cinnamon monkey bread, please. TYVM
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