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General Gardening Blog, NYC's High Line Garden

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by on 05-17-2013 at 10:23 PM (7396 Views)

If you missed out on the awakening of the yard and garden from dormant to full spring bloom you can catch the progression on the previous blog entry.

NYC's High Line Garden

An old elevated freight line on NY's West Side was converted into a garden. You can research the project by googling "New York City High Line".

Here are some pics from it...they've been at it for at least 2 years as I've been up there numerous times.

Had a nice sun halo the other day here in NJ, and here's a sunrise from the train to work. Also some beach pics from 7 Presidents in Long Branch NJ. The nice sand pic is the groomed beach at 7 Presidents. The gutted one is just to the north. Straight away the pile of rocks used to be the shoreline Pre-Sandy.

Here's some gardening updates of my own: You know the players. Aquak9's lettuce and carrots. Store bought lettuce and arugula. Some roses popped.

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Updated 06-01-2013 at 11:39 AM by P451

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  1. libgoon's Avatar
    Very Nice pics P!

    BTW First!!!!
  2. InTheCone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by libgoon
    Very Nice pics P!

    BTW First!!!!
    Very cool place, love to see it one of these days. Have to add it to the list.....

    I'd report you, Lib, but the person that I would report you to has been missing for so long that there is no point as by the time he checks in again we'll all be too old to care. And I wouldhave been first, but I was eating ice cream whilst perusing the pics.
  3. SQUAWK's Avatar

  4. Cos's Avatar
    Nice P. Any green space that they can creatively carve out in Manhattan is rare and appreciated I'm sure by the residents living near it on the concrete island. I like how they juxtaposed the garden with the old rail tracks.
  5. aqua's Avatar
    OMG it's so beautiful I just wanna die!!! a railroad garden!! AHHHHH it is so beautiful that they did that! I have atiny bit of restored faith in humanity!!

    Thin out my letti.

    The other letti is gorgeous!! such thick dark romaine leaves. I hate arugula so nothing nice to say.

    Cute carrots.... so is this the new gardening blog now? ok then. - I mean as opposed to the spring has sprung blog.
  6. P451's Avatar
    Yep, this is a nice new refreshed Garden Blog, Aqua!

    From the previous blog...

    Aqua, her name is Cleo... Cleopatra.


    And here's an update 5/13... things growing very quickly now. Cold mornings (30s) will slow us down a little the next few days but a solid 75/58 type split seems to be coming starting Weds-Thurs...and then things will really take off.



    Oregano and Thyme

    AquaK9 Lettuce

    Aquak9 Carrots

    Azalea and Purple Stuff

    Purple Stuff

    Bleeding Heart

  7. P451's Avatar
    COS, ITC, Etc... Yes Manhattan Parks System and private fund raisers are very good at using defunct space for situations like this. They are currently sinking new pilings for the new Tappan Zee Bridge to the north of the old one and expect to be completed in about 5 years. There was talk they may decide to turn the old Tappan Zee Bridge into a large High Line type garden project, bike/running trails type thing. That would be amazing...

    Quote Originally Posted by aqua
    Hi P et al. Those bleeding hearts are so pretty- next to columbine, they are one of my favorites. They do not grow here, I have only been lucky enough to see them twice in real life.

    Now if you don't thin out and TRANSPLANT those letti of mine, then you will not get good healthy plant growth. Just water them, use a little spoon and lift a few out at a time, from underneath. They transplant pretty easily, make very pretty rows. Just use a finger and gently re-bury the roots.

    These are Jasper tomatoes, spathy sent me the original seeds but these are from saved seed.

    These are both called Juliet Hybrid, a new one I tried. I thought they'd be smaller, red oval cherry tomatoes, but they are getting pretty big for a cherry.

    And these are San Marzano, second gen- or maybe third?- saved seed from a dying community garden. HEAVY producer.

    Your oregano and thyme look great- mine are growing great, too. Also the mint, it is so aggressive. I thought I dug it all up end-of-season last fall, but NO. Damn zombie mint. Makes great lemonade, though.

    Yeah I gotta fix up your letti. The coming days may do well it's going to be cooler, cloudy, showery so it may be a good time to do it. I might dig up the entire plots and carefully separate that way and then replant the whole space at once. A little gunshy about it but I will give it a shot.

    Arugula is fantastic. Nice peppery flavor added to the salads. Love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by libgoon
    Gosh absolutely beautiful Images P and Aqua . P I am surprises your garden is doing so well with the cold season you have had !

    Thanks. Up here the cool season is somewhat okay if you're just doing cool crops. My Cucumbers only germinated 50% and are stunted...but the lettuce and herbs are just fine.

    For Aqua it may be different, expecting heat, getting cold and rain...probably more traumatic for gardening.

    Soon I will be doing warm weather crops...given the trends i will hold off until it's definitive we're warm. Usually May 15-20 is a good time to start the tomatoes and beans and such...but....last year we were cold and wet until Mid JUNE and it did a lot of things in. Since we've been cold and wet again? I will wait.
  8. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Back in CO I would never plant anything until Memorial Day weekend at the end of May and I would still get snow on the garden quite often afterwards and would have to replant. Definitely grew better tomatoes there though. Haven't figured out the best season for them here yet. I have figured out its not summer. I've figured out its not winter either. Gotta be somewhere in between.

    I'll work on it.
  9. P451's Avatar
    Yeah patience is key for the warm weather crops. I had done well with April 15 for the Peas, Lettuce. May 15 for Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans. But we've been out of luck the past couple years with that...especially the warmer weather crops. If I knew what last year's weather would have been like I may have waited until JUNE 20TH to plant warm weather crops. Just no telling if we will or won't have the persistent marine influence. Of course years we do when it finally switches around we go from 55 and wet to 95 and bone dry with high humidty and mold. So you don't win.

    Anyways, split up the letti today, here's a couple of pics. Half had wilted and half were fine right from the start...all seem pretty perky already. So they're probably fine especially with 7-8 days of showery cool weather ahead.

    The one pic you can see the cucumber plants are doing well. 10 of 18 sprouted so I grouped them to make room for the letti splits.

    The carrots are to the right in that same pic. In good shape to be sure.
  10. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by InTheCone
    Very cool place, love to see it one of these days. Have to add it to the list.....

    I'd report you, Lib, but the person that I would report you to has been missing for so long that there is no point as by the time he checks in again we'll all be too old to care. And I wouldhave been first, but I was eating ice cream whilst perusing the pics.
    Ice cream...that sounds like a good idea...just running to put my pajamas on first....actually cardiologist suggests no ice cream for the moment....I'm torn, really, really torn.....

    oh fu_k the cardiologist....I"m having ice my pajamas

    As to the missing person you were mentioning...address all email to destinjeff....
    Updated 05-18-2013 at 11:48 PM by Tulsahurrcane
  11. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    By the way, I have a pair of Baltimore Orioles!!!! Finally....will try to get you some pics!! So happy about it, you have no idea!!!
  12. P451's Avatar
    That's neat, Tulsa.

    We saw an Oriole fly through here last year. Spent a day or two in a neighbors' yard. Then went away.

    My favorites are the Cardinal couple we've had for several years. They're always within a few feet of each other. One hits the birdbath while the other watches. Then they switch. At most one bush or tree away from each other. Pretty neat.
  13. FtMyersgal's Avatar
    Great blog P. What a neat idea High Line Garden! I would love to see that. And I hope they do recyle the okd Tappen Zee Bridge. What a sight that would be!
  14. aqua's Avatar

  15. P451's Avatar
    Thanks Gal.

    Alright Aqua, I love that. LOL!!!!

    Quick peek in on the split up letti plants. Happy they made it through the 91-89-87 three day onslaught that we weren't supposed to get. (Far cry from 70 and showers). However it's 52 and raining right they are surely happy.

    Cucumbers getting ready to grow up, lettuce, carrotts getting tall, and the store bough stuff in the back.

  16. aqua's Avatar
    oh wow the letti looks so happy!! very glad you separated them. They all look good. Carrots look so light and feathery, too. Hope you got no problems with too many bunnies.

    Took those pics w/my cell phone. It was SO BRIGHT, I could not see anything, just pointed and pressed the button. Hahahaha, they turned out fun. AND all the greenery is edible- all the lettuce, and burnett.

    You can dilute one cup 1st morning spec, to one gallon water, for the letti.
    They LOVE it- just the right amoumt of nitrogen to make'm so happy.
  17. P451's Avatar
    My Bunnies aren't smart. They won't climb, jump, or dig under those fences.

    The Carrots should be fine. They are very happy. This soil is between 18-24" deep of good gardening soil now. So I should get really good carrots out of this.

    The Letti were easier than I thought. Some were stubborn and some of those replants are 2-3 plants each. Which is fine. I did what I planned... just chopped out the squares of dirt as one big chunk each, then worked into them slowly to spread them open and separate. Zero casualties.
  18. aqua's Avatar
    very good on sperating the letti. I usually use a plastic spoon, and a lot of water, to gently rinse the roots apart. Either way- still eating salads in May here! which is amazing.
  19. P451's Avatar
    They were mostly cooperative. Like I said I popped out the 12" by 12" plots going 12" deep. Stayed intact. Laid it on it's side and just pushed my thumbs into the middle and opened up the chunk of dirt. Got down to the rooted letti and then repeated the process slowly. Those that felt they were just going to tear I left. Others came freely untangled. They're all doing very well. No death.

    I should be able to start picking leaves in a couple of days. Didn't want to piss them off too much.

    Well, here's an update on the garden and yard... captions on images.

  20. FLdewey's Avatar
    Whoa - nice Pics P -thanks.

    I love that elevated garden. Very cool.
  21. P451's Avatar
    Thanks for dropping in, Dewey. Check the previous blog if you have some's generally a dormant to full spring check in on my yard.

    Meanwhile, will look to do some visual updates of the garden and such today or tomorrow. For now it's still all about the weather and how that factors into planning.

    I was not home to see but I saw locations around 90 everywhere. This would make the 3rd 90F day for us here and 7th over 87F already. Half of those were 10F or more above forecasted highs on those particular days.

    Today looks to be a chance at a number of 93-95 readings in the region I would think...despite officially "near 90". I think it will be warmer.

    Next week looks nice when the weather moves out. Mid 70s/Mid 50s splits.

    Once again....why growing tomatoes is probably not a good idea this summer here. Already the ups and downs, dought and floods, wind then stagnent, hot and cold, through it all the absolutely soaking wet grass mornings (mold, fungus already!).
  22. P451's Avatar
    Update on the yard and garden. Several plants finally feeling the warmer soil temps and have gotten into gear.

  23. P451's Avatar
    I have continued to go against the idea of planting Eggplants or Tomatoes.

    Last season we had the following weather problems that made growing these plants an annoyance.

    Through mid June: Cold, Rain
    Mid June-End July: Extreme Heat, Little rain, Extreme humidity, drenching morning dew every day.
    Early August: Wind and dry.
    Late AUgust: Torrential downpours.

    In the end the fruit from the tomatoes was intolerable. I think I had half a dozen acceptable ones. The Eggplants were a total failure.

    I have seen so far the same general patterns evolving here. We're in for another cold week after Monday's weather. 75/55 splits. Then we may end up with a nor'easter from Florida's potential tropical you guessed it... Mid June. Cold, wet windy? Again?

    We've also already had three 90+ days and seven 87+ days sandwiched intbetween these 60s and 70s for highs.

    Tomatoes and Eggplants want steady weather. They want high 80s for temps. They want a watering schedule... They want consistency.

    For several years our weather has not provided any consistency and as a result these plants, which are weather fragile, have not produced in a way that warrants the energy, time, and space used for them.

    Therefore, unless I see a six week period of constant weather coming, where I can go purchase a couple mature plants, I'm not doing it.

    Weather tolerant plants such as Beans and Peppers will make up my summer crops.
  24. P451's Avatar
    I have continued to hold off on putting the beans or pepper seeds into the with the cool weather and potentially overly wet soil... slow germination or seed rot is a given.

    Also, despite the handful of hot days, overall we have been cool...and with cooler weather..the lettuce has continued to maintain. Looks like about 10 more days until the store bought plants give it up...and I can pull them out and use that space for beans.

    Usually the last week of May you're already done with lettuce here and you have put in your beans, tomatoes, and all other warm weather plants.

    Looks like third week of June is now the new target date to do this... THREE years running I might add. And even it's later, and you need perfect weather 3rd week of June through last week of August to get your sensitive warm weather fruit. By Mid-August, regardless of the overall summer weather, you're getting nights dropping into the low to mid 60s, and at that point the tomato plants begin to rot, get the flies laying eggs into the fruit, split fruit, etc.

    So the window is VERY short....which is why if the weather is not perfect from the're better served saving the headaches and passing on the tomato and eggplant.

    Do extra beans and peppers. You can always trade with someone who does tomatoes...if the weather ends up cooporating.
  25. libgoon's Avatar
    Nice Rename ! I dont garden but I like reading what you guys do !

    BTW Aqua have a great few days ... you need a few days fun
  26. aqua's Avatar
    Hi P! From this post, 05-28-2013 07:30 AM, the top pic that says "weed, lemon cucumber" that's catnip. I have NO IDEA how you ended up with some of my catnip. It grows like a weed, cats love it, etc. Musta been mixed in with the basil, I am sorry. But yeah, sorry not a lemin cuke. It's REAL tolerant of everything, you can torture it, it lives.

    All the letti looks good! You oughtta hit it with some nitrogen- lightly tho. I'm still using 1st morning specimen, one cup per gallon, once a week. Just a little green enhancement. Cut the leaves at the base as you pick the leaves, don't pull'm.

    Pianese- is that peonies? looks kinda like dahlias, pretty tight bud n shiny leaves.

    OMG what is that next to the chives?? don't tell me that's oregano.

    and you know, you can change the colors of your hydrangea, right? Even on the same plant, you can have pink blooms and dark blue blooms. They're really pretty cool to grow.

    So, are you gonna do peppers? I have almost two cups of dill seeds, dried well, strong and fresh. Still more on the bush, you do any pickling? I can happily send some dill. Or anyone else who reads this.

    Really oughtta get some new pics up. Have picked about a gallon or more of beans; made a co-worker happy. Also, little tomaotes starting to come in, too, and the first cucumber is ready to pick.

    Heading to Manasota Key (ya don't say) for the beginning of next week. "Oh, where's Manasota Key?" (googles it)

    Yeah...I'm getting new windshield wipers before we leave. Sigh.....
  27. P451's Avatar
    Yep, you'll see my hydrangeas are a good sampler of the soil acidity in different parts of the yard. You will see some of the plants have multiple colors. I haven't tinkered but i know you can.

    I will do your peppers, yes, I have to wait for these heavy rain threats, and cool night threats to well as the store bought lettuce to finish up...for space. It's real close in fact I'm real close to pulling the actual heads one at a time as I go for lettuce. Arugula is dying off so that's a good plot to use.

    Yep, that's my oregano plant next to the chives. It is pushing 20 years in age. Every year I dig it out, keep a core piece a little bigger than a softball, and either discard the rest.....or pass the pieces off to others to plant. It's an amazing plant. Many people are absolutely confused by it...always complaining they can't grow it like that...until I give em a piece to plant for themselves.

    Maybe early next spring/late winter...when it's dormant...I can cut out a good piece and mail it to you? Could also give you a core piece of the insane ever-taller-each-year mums that eclipsed 3 feet last season. Those too came from a 15+ year old plant I keep splitting off of.

    Catnip you say? Hmmmm...maybe wind blown. That spot was where i planted the lemon cucumber seeds. OK so it's settled. They were a bust. Good, I can clean up that spot and prep for the pole climbing beans.

    Still, again, I have to wait to do any of the beans or peppers. Space...and more so the's just too much risk at a downpour unsettling or rotting the seeds --- and cold nights. We're staring at a whole week of low-mid 50s again! Soil temps haven't been warm enough long enough to stave off the effects of that.

    So I wait. Plenty of time. When I plant bean seeds at the right time in 4 days or less I have plants. No joke. Peppers as well. A months worth of growth in a week in the sweet spot of temps. It's the tomatoes/Zuchini/Eggplants that...well suck if the weather doesn't cooporate and you have no time to make up the ground lost...cause August 14th comes no matter what and our low temps go from the 70s to the 60s with one front...and never rebound.

    Plants then go into seed/decay mode and it's over.
  28. aqua's Avatar
    It amazes me that you are able to grow ANYTHING, with such a short growing season. There's no way we could grow anything here, if that were the case here. Your short growing season- I guess the plants know, they don't have time to fool around. Cause on seed packets, whenever it says "X many days till maturity" I ALWAYS hafta double it.

    Supposedly, planting by the moon's cycle, encourages/increases germination. Well, yes I have tried it, it really does. BUT- the weather does not always cooperate, y'know? just cause the moon cycle says PLANT NOW, does not mean I can get out there in thunder and lightning, and plant. I've had toms come up in less than 72 hours, lettuce in about 24 hours, planting by the moon.

    Toms- zukes- eggplant- I got the toms here, but zukes n eggplants looking puny.

    I wanna see what you're gonna grow your beans on. Be careful on the rattlesnake beans- I got one, worked it's little tendril into the house, Tango was asleep, next thing I know the cat's screaming, bean vines swinging thru the air - - those rattlesnake beans can be pretty aggressive.
  29. P451's Avatar
    LOL! Between that and the loofa I'm curious to see what trouble you've gotten me into. I haven't yet decided what to give the beans. Perhaps I will just give em poles...or I could possibly let them have the side wire fence and then add on to the fence as they need. Not sure. Plenty of time I am still going to wait a little longer to get seeds in. Store bought lettuce and arugula is very close to ending so I will clean that up, get bush beans and your pepper seeds in.

    That will probably spur me to settle how I'm gunna do the pole beans as well...

    Meanwhile, here's a nice shot of the garden i think I took this a couple of days ago.

    As to getting things to grow...I do think the plants just know to rush it. The tomatoes and eggplant...I mean that's the tricky stuff. It's been 2-3 years since I've had a good crop. Neighbors have struggled as well. If I were to plant rows of tomatoes I would have had to had them in around May 15-20. If I see a good six week period of acceptable weather coming I will go buy a couple of mature plants and let it go. The Neighbors down the street only planted half a dozen...instead of the four dozen they usually do. Everyone's tired of all the time and care and space...just to get a few dozen fruit...of which only six or so are worthy of that garden fresh taste.
  30. P451's Avatar

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