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Acronyms, Abbreviations, Definitions, "Bunkerisms" and Jargon of The Bunker

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by on 10-05-2013 at 05:20 PM (13644 Views)
This is a guide of how to join the FUN on the Bunker....a drinking blog with a weather problem.......

OK--I had to do this while my brain was working, well, sort of, or not.

This site will constantly be under construction, as I expect you ALL to participate.

DISCLAIMER: Please, no one get offended as to the order or time it takes me to get things in place on this site. Things are gonna get more and more hectic for me for a while. You are all dear to me, and your contributions are appreciated and will not go unrecognized.

#1 Most important: Bunkerite = any anti-establishment, non-conforming, free-thinking member of the Bunker who questions authority. FBM certification not required, but a sense of humor is.

#2 FBM = Fake Blog Met
We take our fakeness very seriously around here. In other words, we don't take ourselves very seriously around here, neither should you. Irony, sarcasm and double-entendre our specialty.

#2A ACM = Arm Chair Met--but I am gonna need some help on defining this. How 'bout--a miscreant Bunkerite working their way up to FBM????

#3 And new to our list: Working the storm

#4 And just as new to our list: Barreling = A storm that is stationary or moving 2-4-6 mph.

i.e. "Barreling (pause) Barreling toward landfall" is what Wulf Blitzer of CNN said about tropical storm Karen as it approached NOLA at 6 MPH the day before it fizzled and died.

Media hack at its best.

NEW NEW NEW "Inconceivable" was nominated (by Yoop I think) to replace (or enhance) 'historic and unprecedented'.

Let us not forget our own ECF = Emerald Coast Fizzle or East Coast Fizzle, depending on how you look at it.

Wuvian AKA 'Shelbyvillians' per DJ = Anyone or anything, male female (or other) that either previously, currently, or in the future plans to post, comment, read, lurk, or visits a website affiliated with The Water Closet. This site is often referred to as 'over there', 'Shelbyville', or 'next door'. Some Wuvians are great people, so the term is not necessarily derogatory in nature. As always, context should be considered in each application of the term. Some lack grammar, typing, and/or social skills. (Compliments of McBart)

Shelbyville =A fictitious name given to a not so fictitious website. The website is inhabited by Wuvians (AKA 'Shelbyvillians' per DJ). The site is associated with 'The Water Closet' and is stuffed full with over-inflated egos, pompous blowhards, pro-AGW propaganda tools, and some otherwise really great people. Lurkers will find highly biased opinions about everything from f___t fetishes to ridge __umping. It is widely regarded among FBMs to be a good site if you are shopping for tropical themed shower curtains or happen to find yourself really in need of a bad argument. (credit to Montey Python's argument sketch) As always consult your local authorities for advisories on storage of reclaimed water, and the proper procedure for taping your neighbor's plywood under your windows with upside down 'X's. (Compliments of McBart)

Nekkid Swirl = When the shear blows the cloud tops off, exposing the lower-level circulation.

CDL = Cheeto Dust Layer (as opposed to Saharan)

Or not = Term used by FBM's to qualify just about any statement, along with "Unless it isn't/doesn't/etc."

LMAO = Low in Mid Atlantic Organizing OR Laugh My A** Off. Multi-purpose. Courtesy of Floorman.

The B word/ aka The B storm = B****E = That storm that wreaked such havoc and instilled such fear on the Emerald Coast that it is NOT to be spoken of. (NOT) Did I mention that it has the same name as my friend, Bonnie?

TWC = The Water Closet (a shell of its former self, due to increased hype and decreased accuracy or dependability in forecasting.)

ForeCats = A meteorological prognostication by Laughing Cat.

BALOW/ BALOWAR = Bad @ssed Line of Wind and Rain, Usually accompanied by "Arrows of Doom" on any DoomDar, DisasDar, BongDar, YoopDar, PuppyDar, or _____Dar (or any actual radar) image posted with a squal-line indicated. Courtesy of emcf30 and McBart.

SDLM = Scaredy Dog Lightning Meter.

TTWSM = Tree Top Wave & Swell Meter.

TCRG = Trash Can Rain Gauge

Disas-dar= pretty self-explanatory

Puppydar = radar out of Jacksonville, FL, home of our dear AquaK-9 and right near our St. Aug

DEWdar= radar out of Melbourne, FL, home of our fearless leader

YOOPdar = radar of the UP, home of our beloved Yoop

BONGdar = radar out of Colorado, second home of mein Herr Doktor Mark, Doctor of Fake Blog Mettery

LEVIdar = Radar out of Tallahassee, temporary home of our prodigy, Levi

TUMBLEdar/SHEPPdar = Radar of Wichita Falls, TX, temporary home of DJ, an area so barren that tumbleweeds are the only thing the radar picks up.

Arrows of DOOM = Radar with corresponding arrows pointing to DOOMED areas. Usually aimed at Mark and DJ.

DOOM:CON = a Bunker rating system of storm severity probability (say that 3 times fast).

= self-explanatory, but very relative and subject to interpretation and scrutiny!

Matagorda Bay is always

Port St Joe is always

NOLA is always
Man the pumps!! Fire up the buses!!!

And how could I forget the poor DMOH = Deforested Mountains of Haiti

Recoon = Recon
Hurricane Reconnaissance Organizations (The Hurricane Hunters)

53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
403rd Wing, Air Force Reserve Command
Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi

The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve, is the only Department of Defense organization still flying into tropical storms and hurricanes – since 1944. The ten Lockheed-Martin WC-130J aircraft and crews are part of the 403rd Wing, based at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi.

NOAA Aircraft Operations Center
MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida

MJO = Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) aka The Squished Spider

The Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) is the major fluctuation in tropical weather on weekly to monthly timescales. The MJO can be characterized as an eastward moving 'pulse' of cloud and rainfall near the equator that typically recurs every 30 to 60 days.


Hebert Boxes (Hurricanes Affecting Florida)

The Hebert Boxes are defined as areas in the eastern Caribbean (Box #1) and western Caribbean (Box #2) through which almost all major hurricanes (winds greater than 110 mph) which have affected South Florida have moved.

These boxes were discovered over 25 years ago by Paul Hebert, a 30 year veteran of the National Weather Service/National Hurricane Center, who is currently a weather consultant for Florida Power and Light.

An excellent example is posted below by St. Aug!

DMAX/DMIN = without quoting someone from another site (est ist verboten), the Diurnal Minimus is during the day over water because, the surrounding air has less heat capacity than the sea, and it warms faster, but cools down faster during the night. Also, during the day, the warming of the air which is above the water creates a quasi-capping inversion, inhibiting convection. Keep in mind that air rises from the surface to the higher levels, so when the air is warmer than the sea during the day, it acts as a lid.

Diurnal Maximus occurs during the night. During the night time, the water is typically warmer than the surrounding air. Then, the air near the surface (which is in contact with the water) warms by conduction, and then begins to rise.

THE CHART = A Bunker-enhanced chart of hurricane and tropical storm probability. Several fine examples are posted below.

WIND AZIMUTH = We believe this is a creation of P451 via St. Aug.

And no list would be complete without a link to the RIDGES blog. A must for all weather enthusiasts:

RIDGES = The Reedzone Institute for Dynamic Guidance in Equatorial Systems, home of the CPB (Chicken Poop Bingo) model, the JJHPM (Jeremiah Johnson Hurricane Prediction Model), the TTBP (Table Top Beer Pong) model, all sponsored by Fake Blog Met University. Forerunners in tropical modeling using methods no one in their right mind should use. Currently undertaking a massive no grant study into ant behaviour and the effect of different types of beers on model prediction. (My thanks to Yoop)

Newest to our list: The Legend of DOOR VOOD as imparted by the one and only McBart ender, official Barkeep of The Bunker:

Okay, I'll try to tackle this one. If I find it later I'll Edit and post it into this comment block. I think Atmo was the first to post a graphic with very squat letters with ice all over them in response to a post by Libgoon. It seemed Yoop was going to get even more snow yet again (Poor Yoop).

Well I didn't see the graphic as saying Poor Yoop. Because of the squat nature of the text, In all honesty I thought it said "Door Vood". Well It took off from there. Door Vood showed up in several posts as a a reference to many different things. I thought it was old-Norse (viking) translated to mean 'Impoverished Yankee'. Some posters proposed that 'door vood' was what Norwegians used to cover their windows in a storm. Finally K3 provided an outstanding definition of Door Vood. It was along the lines of an uncontrollable involuntary biological response in teenaged males as they picked up their dates. The "Door Vood" story is still evolving.

The ORIGINAL "DOOR VOOD" Posted by Atmoaggie on 3Jan2014 in Libs blog:

This later Posted by Destin Jeff:

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  1. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Thank you, McBart!

    Worthy of preserving for posterior.
    Updated 08-06-2016 at 08:48 PM by Landfall2004 (Oh dear, we are beginning to sound like the 3 Stooges.)
  2. Landfall2004's Avatar
    New phrase coined by Dr. Mark:

    The PAPAdar (named for Hemmingway, I presume)---Key West Radar
  3. McBart ender's Avatar
    Hiya LF. This is from Cone and DJ (CRJ). I don't know who started it, but here's the latest...

    Quote Originally Posted by InTheCone
    Morning T!

    Default option#2 is the go to method for prepping for any calamity whether real or imagined and involves the consumption of quantities of the alcoholic beverages of your choice It precludes and usually eliminates any SS/BS protocols, probably becuse peeps just don't care if they are safe any longer. I think you had better get at it early and often there in Tulsa since shakers are unpredictable and scary as He**
    Quote Originally Posted by DestinJeff

    Hereto and forever more...
  4. McBart ender's Avatar
    (Archived per LF's request.)

    Quote Originally Posted by McBart ender

    Oh Bunker-Mary, full of taste,

    The morning is with thee.

    Blessed art thou amongst Cocktails.

    Fortify us now in the hour of our need.

    Grant us this day our daily Vodka,

    and cleanse us of hangovers, as we forgive those who proffer sobriety.

  5. Landfall2004's Avatar
    InTheCone - Today 12:47 PM
    Site Supporter
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
    Report Comment | Reply Reply

    The amorphous "Bunker Church Ladies" - Keeping naughty Bunker Bloggers in line since 1969(a very good year - wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
  6. Landfall2004's Avatar
  7. Landfall2004's Avatar
    In response to T's request for a definition and clarification of the BCLs (Bible Church Ladies)

    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingCat
    Alls I know is that the environment here in the Bunker has to be very atypical for an online blog. Everyjuan here is so respectful and supportive of juan another, in amongst the irreverence, humor and occasional weather discussion.

    I'd say we could almost monitor ourselves without the BCL, but probably just barely and it could get a little hairy.

    Quote Originally Posted by InTheCone
    Good morning T and all Bunkerites!

    Note the use of the word "amorphous" - definition: without a clearly defined shape or form. They don't really exist as physical entity, but exist more as a moral compass that has been formed by the blog itself over a period of years and are brought to the fore when anyJuan may feel that they are having to reign is an impulse or desire to maybe cross the line of standards that have been set forth by the BCL, or the blog conscience. I'm sure Triple K could give a much better explanation, but that's it in a nutshell(see, I could have said nutsack, but I'm being monitored by the BCL)
  8. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by McBart ender
    Good morning all!

    My memory is often fuzzy (but that is far better than having a fuzzy mammary) for which I blame several things; including stress, stupid people, old age, memory loss..... eh , and I forget the other things. What were we talking about??

    ...Oh yea. Memory is fuzzy.

    I don't recall a specific BCL (bunker church lady), but I do recall hearing about a BBCL (bunker BOARD of church ladies). Now I'm more than willing to be wrong on this, but as the discussion above (not read back, read above) seems to be centered around only Juan church lady. I always thought it was a group of them.

    I must confess (ha! religious term) I am often Juan of the culprits who more regularly risks running afoul of their wrath. I have received a couple of stern looks, but I can't ever recall actually getting smitten by lightning or anything. ...and no Juan here has ever whacked my knuckles with a ruler or anything. This BBCL may be a simple fictitious entity that may not even exist in reality, but only exist through faith alone. In other words; enough of us believe it exists, therefore it does. ...for those that believe.

    But please recall the most important fact about belief systems. Proof denies faith. Juance you have absolute proof something exists there is no more need to have faith that it exists. You no longer have to 'believe', because you now have proof. ...and without faith, POOF!! now it no longer exists. Proof denies faith.

    If you ever have proof it exists, then POOF! It will disappear in a puff of logic.

    Whatever roll the BBCL plays in maintaining peace and decorum around here they have become an indispensable part of bunker lore. I believe their presence (either perceived or real) is/are vital to our continued operations. So PLEASE!!! Don't try to prove the BBCL actually exists, by naming members. (phrasing, usually only guys name their members.) If anyJuan actually proves there is a single BCL much less a whole board of them they may POOF! and vanish in a puff of logic. ...and we're already down too many members.

    Let's hear it for the BBCL!

    Moral of story: Don't name your members, or they may disappear.
  9. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    Good Landfall. Glad it's preserved. One less thing to worry about.
  10. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KanKunKid
    Can you say that here? Can I get a ruling? Where the BCL at?

    Aren't ALL tornadoes isolated?

    I said I had Wespac on ignore, but I don't.
    They have a TyFOON there not too far from the Philippines, but it looks like it will be a miss. By miss I mean not a direct hit.
    CIMSS page click IR to see it

    Its name is Meranti. It sounds like an Italian coupe, or a cross between an Avanti and a Mercedes.
    Anyway, it's headed for China, by way of Tie a Juan. No fish that far west.
    The rain bands are already dropping a bit of sprinkly activity on my future habitat area, but no Juan seems concerned. After Yolanda, everything is ho-hum. EveryJuan is rebuilding from the last Typhoon or earthquake. There are active volcanoes and fault lines everywhere and where it protected from the full brunt of a Typhoon (The Pacific's name for a hurricane for those just tuning in) there are flood plains. Land is not cheap there and the poor can only afford the unwanted land. A beachfront lot cost as much, if not more than any beachfront property in the world. In the southern Philippines, there are robbers and thieves called terrorists because they kidnap westerners thinking some Juan will pay a huge ransom for them and the last one caught was a Canadian engineer. He wasn't worth near 1 million bucks to any Juan and the Canadian government does not negotiate with terrorists, so when they threatened to cut the man's head off, the Canadians said "Go ahead and cut his head off, eh, we don't negotiate with terrorists!" So they did. They have no real cause, just like a lot of rebel groups, fanatical factions and some ethnic group, they like to wear camo and boots and carry guns and bully people or just blame some Juan else for their station in life and try to get even by becoming a murderous capitalist or just misbehave and claim they cannot help it, they are oppressed by virtue of the fact that sometime in the not too recent past, some white guy abused a relative of theirs unjustly and so they have been getting less than acceptable treatment because they are who they are. I installed a machine for an Armenian. They grew up with families from different nationalities and as far as appearances go, you couldn't tell them apart. Later, some bonehead came in and started a riot by demeaning the nationality of these people, so even though they grew up together in the same place, played together as kids, dated their sisters and ate in each others homes, now they were beating the dog ***t out of each other for being who they were.
    I am thankful that they moved to Russia, learned how to choose excellent Vodka and make amazing kabobs and immigrated to Nebraska. Other wise, they may have turned out to be a stain on a sidewalk somewhere and I wouldn't have the best Vodka I have ever had, or tasted the best thing on a stick ever to come off a grille and make a friend who I can practice my Russian with.

    "God is great, beer is good, but people are crazy."
  11. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by McBart ender
    MSGal, You clearly are experiencing the symptoms of a rather common affliction. We've seen it here often, but usually around February or March. If I'm not mistaken, what you might have has actually been trademarked here in the Bunker. You seem to have a mild case of 'BoreDoom'™.

    Boredoom™ can have many indications. Currently the only known cure is only temporary, and often involves either flood insurance and/or the loss of a nearby trailer park.

    For more information on 'BoreDoom'™ consult LF's Bunkerisms archives blog. There may b more data in there on the affliction. ...and reading her blog can often lessen the severity of BoreDoom™.

    In the meantime, keep an eye on the current GOM system. It has real entertainment potential. (I personally believe it is what was left over from 92L a couple of days ago.)
  12. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NavarreMark
    Our period of relatively dry weather is over. Extremely muggy this morning. The WSHM (Wrinkled Shirt Humidity Meter) is quite high. No need to iron your shirts. Just put them on and go outside for a few minutes and the wrinkles are steamed out.
  13. Landfall2004's Avatar
  14. Landfall2004's Avatar
    As per Cone's suggestion:

    Quote Originally Posted by kaiden
    We did get a tinkle sprinkle of rain yesterday. I counted 14 drops on the windshield of the car at one time. I think the rain will get here tonight or tomorrow morning.
    As defined--less than fizzle drizzle.
  15. Landfall2004's Avatar
    In deference to the BBCL's:

  16. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NavarreMark
    "Danger like dagger now" is among my personal favorites too. It's the kind of highly ambiguous statement conspiracy buffs and FBMs are fond of. Juan can easily imagine a DOOMed and terrified Japanese radioman with limited English skills hastily tapping out the message on a 1920s Marconi radio telegraph while a giant sea monster is engulfing his ship. Is there is any wonder why the incident became a Bermuda Triangle legend?

    The very same reason is why I am fond of "I have a bad feeling about this." given with absolutely no context. It can be interpreted in multiple ways and noJuan can ever say that you are wrong. Or right for that matter, but the experienced FBM will always claim credit for being right when there is little or no evidence to support such claim.

    "This doesn't look good." given with no context and a very broad image is the same thing. It can be interpreted in many different ways, but since things are always not looking good for some poor soul the FBM will always be correct even when he/she hasn't the slightest idea what he/she is talking about.

    The list is endless and Juan can always add more. This is the kind of knowledge and skill from which a successful career as a FBM can be built on and gives an FBM a reason to recommend the implementation of STAY SAFE/BE SAFE protocols at any given moment when we have absolutely no intention of doing so for our selves.

    I hope this helps you or anybody else in their travels and endeavours.

    I will delve into the successful utilization of a "CLEAR THE SHELVES!!!!" warning to sow panic and mayhem in a later post.

    Carry on.

    Where's Jeff?
  17. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingCat
    Cone, we got about 3 hours of pretty snoh last Sunday morning.... a dusting. It quickly disappeared by lunch anacana the warm ground temps.

    Anacana of course is Cajun for "on account of".
  18. Landfall2004's Avatar
    New New New

    Quote Originally Posted by KanKunKid
    It's a cult thing.

    I didn't catch Mark's movie reference either and I look for them. That was a travel game my boys and I played. It couldn't be too obscure, too short or from a B movie that wasn't a hit. It also had to be quotable.

    Having said that I will have to violate protocol and read back. (Don't worry folks I have a permit and PSE)

    It looks like another SSWE is loose. (Spring Severe Weather Experience) Of course most of it is east of the Rockies, which leaves me out for now, but I shall begin my trek east in a couple of days and will probably meet the next system as dry air from the north meets warm moist air from the gulf! **Cue the "doom" music** (the ominous forboding kind like they played in the movie "Twister" when they showed a big dark cloud about to produce a tornado or when they were at the outdoor drive-in theatre and it got really quiet, just before they all went bananas when the twister hit the screen.)

    I will not stoop to tell every Juan to BS SS, I will just remind every Juan that they have a brain and it is now incumbent upon you, when faced with a dire severe weather situation, to use it to stay alive and in one piece and if there is room, figure out Mark's movie references.

    Me? I will just have to watch out for road hazards:
  19. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ossqss
    That is a trick question that is not on my guide list!

    I refuse to answer

  20. KanKunKid's Avatar
    I still cant find FROPA is it Freezing Rain On Peoples Asses?
  21. KanKunKid's Avatar
    Frogs Ribbet On Pond Algea?

    ****ing Rain On Pennslyvannia

    Florida Roads Open Pay Alot

    Florida Rain On Perennial Azaleas

    Fungal rot on parents attic.

    Foolish rascal on proctology assignment

    Fingers rarely open poor alcohol

    I give up..
  22. Floorman's Avatar
    [QUOTE=KanKunKid;bt229854]I still cant find FROPA is it Freezing Rain On Peoples Asses?[/QUOTE]

    Good guess but it's more of a frontal thing. No frontal thing in SF. It's summer time warm.
  23. Landfall2004's Avatar
    As The Gal would say: Y'all Crazy!
  24. KanKunKid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Landfall2004
    As The Gal would say: Y'all Crazy!
    And the mystery continues...
    I don't have a clue, so...

  25. Ossqss's Avatar
    No Coke, Pepsi!

    Updated 04-28-2017 at 02:49 AM by Ossqss (The Pens got a W against the Caps, who may be lower case now. GO PENS!)
  26. Landfall2004's Avatar
  27. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KanKunKid
    Seriously, it takes a few things. A Hurricane is like a self-fueling engine, so the more fuel available (warm humid air/water) the more it can grow, but it can't stay too long in one spot or the waters underneath it will churn and bring up cooler water which does not rise as warm moist air does. It helps if there is a system above it to assist in lifting the moist air, but if there is sheer above, it tears off the tops and is kind of like a mean kid in a wagon, dragging his feet. Surrounding air masses, and troughs and ridges can steer it and keep it from getting larger by restraining its outer flow and causing the energy to turn instead of expand. As the air rises it cools and falls, because of the cooler temps at higher altitudes and so the warm moist air turns into cold rain and as it falls, it displaces the warm air and pushes it. Because of coriolis force, instead of these dynamic forces jumping up and down like a pogo stick, they are forced to circle like the water in your toilet when you flush it.
    So as it gains in movement of air and moisture, it spins faster. But the winds close to the eyewall spin the fastest and eventually, at the center around the eye, there is less fuel once a hurricane is spinning around Cat3 or more, so another band forms further away and eventually sucks the power out of the inner eyewall and kills it. This weakens the hurricane until the new eyewall ramps up and takes the old Juans place.
    If this happens during sheer, or dry air intake, it can cause the hurricane to lose a lot of it's energy or even Peter out. It's not a good thing to see.

    Size matters!
    Here is a blurb on eye size..
    The effect of the size of hurricane eye on hurricane intensity is studied based on the storm-scale kinetic energy balance within a hurricane. The study indicates that the potential intensity that a hurricane can achieve under given thermodynamic environmental conditions can be highly sensitive to the size of the hurricane eye depending on the scale of the hurricane circulation and its thermodynamic efficiency defined as the effectiveness of converting surface entropy input into kinetic energy. The result shows that a hurricane of a smaller eye tends to develop into a stronger hurricane. This is because within a hurricane, the surface kinetic energy dissipation is more radially confined to the hurricane eyewall of high wind speeds than the kinetic energy generation corresponding to the surface entropy flux mainly due to their differential dependences on the surface velocity. With a smaller eye, the area of high winds on which the dissipation relies more heavily than the surface entropy flux is smaller, implying the entire energy balance has to be achieved with a higher value of maximum surface wind. Sensitivity study on the surface exchange coefficients under high wind speeds where uncertainty exists suggests that the intensity dependence on the size of hurricane eye is not very sensitive to the uncertainty-related changes in the coefficients.

    Weixing Shen wrote that.
  28. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingCat
  29. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by McBart ender
    Confounded "Reply-Gate" strikes again... (Arghhhhhh!)

    This is in reply to Laughing Cat around 10:13 or so...

    Yes the "Wind POWER" formula can be derived from the Kinetic energy formula.

    Here is the derivation:

    The derivation above neglects a "Coefficient of Performance", and therefore assumes 100% efficiency. No wind turbine design could ever be close to that efficient. I guess you could say this form provides the "maximum theoretical" power available. The Force drag formula I posted earlier includes a Coefficient of Drag (or Shape factor) that takes into account the shape of the object being studied. A slim aerodynamic shape will have a low drag coefficient, and therefore less drag force generated/applied. Something like a square building will not be very smooth/slick and will have a higher drag coefficient, and therefore more force applied/generated (for any given set of otherwise equal conditions).

    Here it is with the Coefficient of Performance included:

    That being said: I wanted to throw two more bits into the discussion.

    Bit #1: Power, Size, wind field, fetch over water; those are all things that can impact the flooding and surge of a storm. I believe someJuan already mentioned water dept, shape of coast line, even apporach angle, and time over an area; all have an effect on surge and flooding. My discussion on 'Force' is more related to localized structural damage due to wind, not so much flooding. The density of water is so much greater than air it can cause far greater damage at much lower speeds.

    Bit #2: Both formulas (Power, and Force) must include the density of the air in the calculation. Near sea level that doesn't change much. It changes some with temperature and pressure variations, but again not much in the overall scheme of things. What does change it though is rain. Think about it. The density of a dry cubic foot of air is not much, but add a few ran drops and the density goes up rapidly. Add massive rain-rates (eyewall type rain rates) and the density becomes very significant. Near the sea surface the wind actually kicks up seawater and hurls it along with the rain in a very dense layer. That dense layer of heavy water/air mix tearing along at MajorCane eyewall velocities contains absolutely devastating destructive force. How many studies include rain-rate in the density of their Force/Power calculations?
  30. Landfall2004's Avatar
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