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TC Intensity COMET module

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by on 05-16-2014 at 01:55 PM (1666 Views)
Hi Bunks.

Should anyone be interested (and as a reminder for myself), posting this on it's own.

A new COMET module all about estimating tropical cyclone intensity was posted yesterday.

The description:
This lesson provides guidance for operational forecasters needing to combine different intensity methods to determine the intensity of a tropical cyclone. Each of the intensity methods is summarized, focusing on both strengths and weaknesses. These methods include the Dvorak technique, surface observations, scatterometry, the Advanced Dvorak Technique (ADT), microwave sounders (AMSU), SATCON, and subjective interpretation of passive microwave patterns. Consideration of the previous intensity estimate and forecast is also examined. Three case studies task the learner with combining the various methods to derive appropriate intensity estimates and a final quiz tests learner knowledge to demonstrate successful completion of the lesson.

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  1. atmoaggie's Avatar
    Self first!
  2. McBart ender's Avatar
    second (Real firsties)

    This could be fun to see how it performs over the season. Intensity has been one of the hardest things to model (for traditional non-FBMs). ...and now this model specifically for intensity could be interesting to watch.

    COOL STUFF Thanks!

    Edit: Ooooohhhh you said 'Module'. Nevermynd.
    Updated 05-16-2014 at 02:33 PM by McBart ender
  3. MSGAL's Avatar
    Ok, you Southern Super Brainiac.....don't be trying to confuse me this early....I'll read this after I have had more are the Baby Brainiacs doing?
  4. libgoon's Avatar
    Hiya Atmo , those comet courses are pretty good IMO .. slowing wotking my way through the stuff ... but that one looks to be for for the likes of you the pros

    But I can't highly recommend their sat and convective modules ... But I have struggled with their radar courses ... I know that fault is mine as I seem to have a block against radar
  5. libgoon's Avatar
    Weird my last comment on this blog never showed in the shoutbox ...
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