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British Open Weather information

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by on 07-19-2014 at 11:13 AM (2431 Views)
The British Open is being hosted at Royal Liverpool Golf Course

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Current Satellite


Some Useful weather links !

Noctorum weather forecast: - Met Office Met office forecat for Liverpool area

The area is under warning for some severe weather in UK terms Weather Alerts For Northern England - Netweather.tvet weather has a nice radar you can Zoom in

Weather Radar - Live UK Rainfall Radar -

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Updated 07-19-2014 at 01:32 PM by libgoon

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  1. libgoon's Avatar
    Lightning Radar

  2. libgoon's Avatar
    A two-tee start for first time in Open history because of the weathe

    rThe Open third round - BBC Sport
  3. libgoon's Avatar
    UK Warnings

    Weather Warning

    Issued by the Met Office
    Saturday 19th July
    AMBER WARNING of RAIN for much of England and east Wales.
    Several areas of heavy, thundery showers will develop over England and Wales from Friday night before moving northwards during Saturday. Not everywhere within the warning area will see thunderstorms, and indeed some spells of warm sunshine are expected at times, but where thunderstorms do form, some torrential downpours are likely with frequent lightning, large hail and locally strong gusts. Significant flooding is possible where these do occur from surface water as well as from small, fast-responding watercourses.
    The public should be prepared for the risk of disruption from any of these elements.
    Further updates will appear here.
    Valid from 0015 on Saturday 19th July until 2345 on Saturday 19th July.

  4. Landfall2004's Avatar
  5. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Cool site Lib.

    Who needs information when you can have infomation.
  6. libgoon's Avatar
    Reported Landfall

    Mark , you and Yoop always catch my spelling errors

    (fixed now)
    Updated 07-19-2014 at 01:34 PM by libgoon (proud to be dyslexic)
  7. NavarreMark's Avatar
    I see your lightning map and I'll raise you mine.

  8. libgoon's Avatar
    Yeah that one covers europe too but cant post the images – lightning map Europe – thunderstorms and lightning strikes
  9. InTheCone's Avatar
    Morning over the pond, Lib! I'm not following the Open, no time. The kids are all descending on my house today to harass and loot, so I won't be around too much until they depart tomorrow evening. Tell Tumama to prays for me
  10. McBart ender's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by libgoon
    Reported Landfall

    Mark , you and Yoop always catch my spelling errors

    (fixed now)

    Updated Today at 08:34 AM by libgoon (proud to be dyslexic)
    Oh yea, I recall hearing their slogan once. Lemme think... what was it,,,?

    "Dyslexics of the world, untie!"

    Not poking fun, Lib. My daughter has what she calls "CDO". She says; "It's just like OCD, but the letters are in alphabetical order, just the way they should be."
  11. Cos's Avatar
    Thanks for the blog Lib.
    Go McIlroy.
  12. libgoon's Avatar
    LOL on CDO !!

    Cos when I read your comment I thought I would put a little something together

    I think my investment is looking good .... no one else can win it only he can lose it ! ... I did have speith and Garcia so I should be on a winner and a place

    I think Speith and Fowler might be good investments for the PGA in a few weeks time !
  13. libgoon's Avatar
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