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Happy 2018!

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by on 01-02-2018 at 11:14 PM (893 Views)

It's been a while... some would say too many whiles.

I have many stories to tell, and many stories that cannot be told, but I'm glad to be back!

Life is hard, and it doesn't always stay "on plan." I apologize for my extended absence, but I'm glad you're all still carrying on with the mission. My mission is clear - bring the Bunker up to date from a software security perspective, and then work with you guys to turn the day-to-day operations over to a team of highly trained spam assassins.

What will the platform look like in a few weeks? What will it be called? What will my new avatar be? Those are are VERY good questions, but it's just too soon to tell, and too big to fail.

I would still like to be involved with the project, but I'll work hard to make sure I'm not the bottleneck moving forward.

Love you guys!

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  1. Landfall2004's Avatar

  2. FLdewey's Avatar
  3. InTheCone's Avatar
    Great to have you back Dewey!
  4. McBart ender's Avatar
    All hail the Dewey!

    Oh, keep it as close to what it already is as possible. I think that's a big part of what makes it work as long as it has.

    I'd just like to change my AVI again. ...If possible.
  5. InTheCone's Avatar
    Updated 01-03-2018 at 12:24 AM by InTheCone (Off topic, banning myself)
  6. Ossqss's Avatar
    Welcome back D.

    Perhaps if you have time you can delete the 100 pornbot blogs starting 3 pages ago on the blog roll.
  7. hurricat's Avatar
    Glad to see you. Just say the word (whatever it is) and I'm sure many of us will be happy to help out.
  8. Aislinn's Avatar
    Welcome back, Dewey! Give us a mission and we'll be on it! Unless it's sleeping late, I fail miserably at that.
  9. FLdewey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ossqss
    Welcome back D.

    Perhaps if you have time you can delete the 100 pornbot blogs starting 3 pages ago on the blog roll.
    Got it - thanks.
  10. LaughingCat's Avatar
    Saw this on the twitter...

  11. hurricat's Avatar
    So true.
  12. Landfall2004's Avatar
    We need to start a "Honey Do/Dew" List.

    How about some more emoticons?

    Oh, and we would love to be able to change our avi's again.

    And please get our text to wrap again. Having paragraphs that are a mile long are hard to proof-read!!!

  13. Squid28's Avatar

    Hi Dewey, nice to see you back in action..... I cant wait to see the "new and improved" Bunker take shape
  14. KanKunKid's Avatar
    I am just glad to hear from you! Anything you do will be appreciated. Just take your time and enjoy it. If I can help in any way let me know.
    You don't have to do anything if you don't want to...just keep in touch!
    After all the detective work I did, I was able to see the entire scope of your efforts and your talents and I was deeply impressed!
    Thanks again for all of this.
    For a goof, you should check out the latest multi-writer novella about your disappearance in another blog here. It is unfinished, but now I am sure that since you are among the living, we can continue without the specter of being in "poor taste" hanging over our heads.
  15. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    I just want you to be your lovable self. Ask not what what Dewey can do for you. Ask what you can do for Dewey.

    OK that might be over the top. I can carry myself away. But I want to help any way I can. So glad to see you back. We are survivors. You have no idea what we’ve been through together. (Unless you read back which is against the rules so take my word for it)

    We even had an emergency bunker when the the bunker was debunked for a while. It’s a long story. Some of us have PTSD.
  16. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    I just want to agree with what Tulsa said
  17. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    I recall these freezing temps and wind conditions like this as a child and in recent years. We just always called it cold and windy.

    Three in a row. I’ll be quiet.
  18. Ossqss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FLdewey
    Got it - thanks.
    Thanks for the help on page 3, buttt there are litterally a hundred or more than that. Just so ya know. No BS Bro! Just sayin..... we are helpless to help eradicate it.....

    Here, have a peek at its doings.

    The Weather Bunker - aminahsx - Blogs
    Updated 01-05-2018 at 12:50 AM by Ossqss (I think you can just delete the member as a short cut and cure it.)
  19. McBart ender's Avatar
    OSS, I had forgotten all about that thing. What a mess that was.

    I wonder why it went away. Did it run out of things to post, or were we too boring for it to continue? I mean (not that we;re boring, anything buttttt) but if it doesn't' get a pre-programed reaction from the attacked site, will it just go away after a while? spend its time and efforts somewhere else.

    And why would anyJuan in their right mind construct such a bot anyway? There must be some lonely and F'd up personalities out there.
  20. go-kart mozart's Avatar
    Test.... Blop.
  21. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Howdy Dewey. I hope you are faring well. I've been busy the last couple of weeks and haven't had much time to visit the site, but your work is appreciated.
  22. libgoon's Avatar
    Dewey !!!!!!!
    Dewey !!!!!!!
  23. libgoon's Avatar

    Good to see you man ... I have been busy with life stuff too all good .

    Have missed ya loads

    (ya .......I know I havent been much , Sometimes Life is just too hectic )

    Love you folks !

    I concour with Mark !!!
  24. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    Hey Lib!!! So happy to see you!!
  25. libgoon's Avatar
    Good to see you too !

    I guess I am out of sync these days . You will have to keep me up to date

    Kid .... I will get round to it some day soon ...... so sorry
  26. libgoon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingCat
    Saw this on the twitter...

    LMAO !!!! I heard about the lil bit of cold there
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