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February/March: Frigid Arrows and Roaring Lambs

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by on 02-01-2018 at 08:10 AM (8607 Views)
As the last full month of winter rolls in the question remains – lots more frosty days ahead? Or, will severe season get an early start? The early bets look to be on more visits from the old man of the north.

After everyone thaws out a bit we’ll be on to severe season and the CPC thinks there will be some moistcha’ available…..

Time to watch the radar for frozen white invaders or AOD’s – pick your poison

Here in the bunker, we know where to go for any extreme weather event - To the nearest Bunker Bar

**** IMPORTANT NOTE **** The Bunker hosting runs out at the end of this month and provisions will need to be made if we are to extend our run of insanity.

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  1. InTheCone's Avatar
    I might be a bit late for a traditional breakfast, but it's never to late for steak and eggs!

    TYVM Aislinn & have a fun day! I'll be out for the remainder of the day - hope some others will pop in.

    *REMINDER - funding for hosting runs out at the end of this month.*

    I hope we hear from Dewey before then so we know if we can use the pay button to keep the place open.
  2. LaughingCat's Avatar
    That robot thing was quite creepy. Still, I feel relatively safe from our robot overlords if it takes that much effort and coordination to open a door.

    And Kid... ... you have a knack for getting things past the BBCLs!
  3. KanKunKid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingCat
    That robot thing was quite creepy. Still, I feel relatively safe from our robot overlords if it takes that much effort and coordination to open a door.

    And Kid... ... you have a knack for getting things past the BBCLs!
    The highlight and large font is innocent enough..but the comment on it is where you can get into trouble. My compadres here are quite intelligent and often need no direction. For those who lack the wit, no harm no foul! It just goes whizzing overhead and into oblivion!

    I dignify my readers with the ability to be discerning and wise.

    I am glad the weather has calmed down there..It has done the opposite here; torrential rains, gusty winds of 50 mph + and all thanks to the "eyebrow of doom" a new weather phrase I have concocted to indicate the presence of weather over the eye of a tropical storm, hurricane or depression. If it can have an eye, it can have an eyebrow and that's what it looks like on satellite and radar. It would be a "band" if it was circular, but it isn't. It is semi circular and bears no resemblance to a band. Therefore, instead of calling it a "segment of a rain band" or some other technical blurb, I have dubbed it "Eyebrow of Doom!"
    Update your workbooks, interns and new students. There WILL be a quiz.

    The actual center of the storm has passed well to the south and west of my location and the Johnny-come-lately eyebrow has extended itself as if to catch up to the eye and it is in a hurry to do so, dumping rains and blowing strong (but not very destructive) winds (a picnic would be right out).
    About 9PM last night the power went out so I was without fan nor CPAP. So, I did not sleep well. In the middle of the night about 1 AM my tiny wife shifted her sleeping position and when she did so, the floor began to shake...oh, another earthquake and not a mild Juan either. It turned out to be a 4.3 epicentered about 20 miles to the south.
    Welcome home 3K.
    I got up at 5 after trying to sleep through all the racket. I have ear plugs, but when I use them, everything is quiet except for the wheezing of my bronchial passages due to my cold, a sound that makes me want to cough. Eventually, I pulled the plugs.

    Other than that, I am having a fine time here. Like camping in the rain in the danger zone.

    It should be late afternoon there. I guess I beat every Juan to the first Tropical Storm (ish) experience this year, even though it may not count under Bunker rules.

    Nevertheless, it is what it is, whatever that means. I will return (like as not) as old man winter gets his last few punches in.

    I believe that my cold was contracted due to my weakened body condition, working 16+ hours in below freezing conditions outdoors, stress from the travel and stupid stupid inconsiderate oafs who make travel difficult for everyone and then the TSA. No sleep for 20+ hours sitting in a kiddie seat.

    I was prime for a cold bug.

    Thanks goodness for option #2. It kills the germs in my throat and makes life bearable in the danger zone.

  4. InTheCone's Avatar
    Nice! I'm already studying up on "The EyeBrow of DOOM"™ wonderful new Bunker term, can't wait to see Juan of them in action!

    I have no idea what the folks at The Goofonian Institute™ have been up to, but they're going to get arrested for chemical over indulgence if they keep it up

    Get well Triple K!
  5. hurricat's Avatar
    Yikes! That map has the "Eyes of Doom".

    Updated 02-14-2018 at 01:06 AM by hurricat (The Goofonians had a bad trip.)
  6. InTheCone's Avatar
    Good Morning Bunkerites!

    All's quiet on the US front this morning, not even any snew for Blakels or Yoop. Just a few showers in the south for Aislinn and maybe MSG later.....

  7. blakels's Avatar
    Good Morning everyjuan. Supposed to be 41 and sunny today to start melting this stuff then rain tonight and tomorrow. We're starting from 11 degrees this morning so a long way to go 41.
  8. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Morning folks.

    It's 62 and overcast with chicken broth fog in Navarre. Should get into the upper 60s today.
  9. InTheCone's Avatar
    Morning Blakels & Welcome back Dr. Mark!

    Peeps are going to be cavorting in the streets with exposed skin, be sure to have sun glasses handy at all times Blakels!

    So nice to have you back Dr. Mark! It's been quiet around here without you. Dr. Kid has been pitching in, but he's recovering from jet lag and an illness so he needs back up.

    Hopefully Aislinn will be on with breakfast this morning, I'm feeling a bit peckish and could use some sustenance. BreakFastCAst - Nice!

    Today: Warmer, cloudy. A 20 percent chance of showers in the morning. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs in the lower 70s. South winds 5 to 10 mph.

    Tonight: Warmer. Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog. Lows in the lower 60s. South winds 5 to 10 mph.
  10. LaughingCat's Avatar
    The Eyebrow of Doom™ is not to be taken lightly. Now when we get the RAISED Eyebrow of Doom™...

    41 here and will be barreling towards a high of 62. Friday's high may approach 80... Nope. Not ready for that nonsense.

    Happy VD to you all!
  11. InTheCone's Avatar
    Morning LC!

    I do not want to see the raised eye brow of DOOM anytime soon that is fo' sho'!

    Speaking of DOOM - Gita is doing a nice job of the reverse spinning thing.....

  12. KanKunKid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NavarreMark
    Morning folks.

    It's 62 and overcast with chicken broth fog in Navarre. Should get into the upper 60s today.
    I wish I was there for good old American chicken broth. It is my cure for the common cold.

    My MIL whose motives I have been doubting all along, had seen fit to send over a concoction of vile tasting goo, in the name of herbal medicine. She said she was trained to prepare certain herbal remedies. I offered that if she had a cure for the common cold, she could be quite wealthy and that it would help millions who suffer annually. She once again feigned ignorance of my English or conveniently ignored me, something filipina women are quite adept at, along with women of other nationalities.
    In order to keep the relationship in good standing I drank the potion and for awhile, I noticed no ill effects. But later last night I felt an old familiar gurgle in the lower abdomen. Today, I sneezed and was surprised by something unexpected, but not entirely, it's just that I thought there would be a little more warning. Apparently, that is the way this medicinal swill works with an American body.
    After the somewhat abbreviated but thorough assault (I will give it that much, Dumb and dumber's turbo lax has nothing on this stuff!) I had to bath and then I began my convalescence anew. I was informed after I complained (that the MIL "Got" me again) that the liquification of fecal matter and its subsequent violent expulsion, was a desirable and much sought after result in the treatment of all illnesses.

    I disagreed.

    But I was outnumbered and since it appears that (here) medical treatment is chosen after a quorum rather than actual medical science, I left the discussion and limped back to my room to take a nap, which, as far as I am concerned, is much healthier than purging Juan's self of waste by introducing a chemical agent, herbal or otherwise into Juans digestive tract.

    They asked me to do research on "Miracle Fruit" which is not the main miracle fruit shown in 90% of web pages, no, it is green and goes by some other Asian name. It supposedly cures a lot of things according to the web sites that advertise it.
    I asked them (local family) if they had seen any results from clinical tests and how they were conducted, was it a blind test, was there a control?
    It was a collection of anecdotal testimony. This is when somebody has taken of the substance of the plant in some manner and experiences a change (usually for the better) in their health and to which they ascribe the results to the medicinal properties of the plant.
    The local populace swears by such evidence and decries any suspicions to the contrary and holds in derision the doubter and then attacks real medicine with known problems with the healthcare system and bad doctors etc..
    I was raised by an herbalist and I know what they can and can't do. I believe in certain herbs and plant medicine, but it has its limits. My MIL does not always take the medicine she offers others and this is very revealing to her own trust in certain treatments.
    But I will lay odds she was laughing her butt off at the thought of the effect her cure was giving me.
    So now, I must even the score...
    My mind will be pleasantly occupied by such thoughts and will bring a smile to my face as I play out each scenario...

    It's the little things in life...
  13. Aislinn's Avatar
    Good morning, afternoon and evening, everyjuan! So great to see so many people up and on this morning! Blakel, I hope some of your snow melts if that's what you want. K3, hope you're feeling better soon!

    Breakfast’s on the sideboard: country ham with red-eye gravy, biscuits and grits, sausage polenta with nested eggs, egg and sweet potato scramble, pancakes with butter and syrup, strawberries and cream oatmeal, bacon wrapped donuts, bagels with cream cheese and jelly, fresh fruit, tea and coffee, flavored creamers to the side. Enjoy!
  14. InTheCone's Avatar
    Morning Triple K & Aislinn!

    Look out Triple K! As you well know, messing with the MIL is a very dangerous proposition and can result in a severe reaction from the entire MIL clan, but mostly just from the MIL influencing the wifey. Good luck in your endeavors at retribution, just don't sleep until you get back here afterwards

    BreakFast is much desired and needed!

    I'll have country ham with red-eye gravy, biscuits and grits, sausage polenta with nested eggs, 4 Dz bacon wrapped donuts, and coffee - TYVM Aislinn!
  15. Aislinn's Avatar
    Hey Cone!

    Passes large platter of country ham with red-eye gravy, biscuits and grits, sausage polenta with nested eggs, 4 dozen bacon wrapped donuts, and a pot of coffee.
  16. blakels's Avatar
    We need the snew to melt slowly because we have 14" on the ground. Will be floods if it goes too quickly. The rain really melts it but PWATS for tomorrow are less than 1/2" so we should be fine.
  17. McBart ender's Avatar
    Good morning-afternoon-evening-night DAY to all!

    It is both "Ash-Wednesday" and "V.D.-day". A perplexing combination for Catholics everywhere.

    Mardi-Grass ended yesterday. It is the Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. I am proud this year to have not participated in any of the street events or parades. Usually I catch at least one. It must have been a success though because most of Vets blvd smells like a porta-potty in Juarez in August. (Ugh...) Please help me do a rain dance ASAP!

    Wifey wants to take me out to dinner for V.D., but this is the second wurst day to go out to eat. Mothers day is the first wurst day to go out to eat. Not sure about this...

    A/C is back on, and probably for good this time. (sigh) NEED RAIN!! NEED RAIN!! (not for moistcha, but must wash Vets blvd.)

    Bring on the "Ides o March" and the "Eyebrows of doom".
  18. Ossqss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingCat
    That robot thing was quite creepy. Still, I feel relatively safe from our robot overlords if it takes that much effort and coordination to open a door.

    And Kid... ... you have a knack for getting things past the BBCLs!
    I watched a show called Black Mirror , episode was Metal Head on netflix or amazon. That will creep you out on these same dog robots.

    Doombrows too!

  19. KanKunKid's Avatar
    It is 3 something AM here and I could not sleep. I have no talent for coughing up a lung or two and staying asleep.
    Nope, it really takes it out of me.
    I am no MD but I am sure now that I have progressed into a nasty bout of Bronchitis and I am pretty sure it will continue on into pneumonia unless I get outta this situation.
    My plan is to wait for them to go out of town tomorrow and I will pack a few things and drive the car (nobody else around can drive it but me, my wife has a license but her form of driving is better suited to bulldozers, where trees are in the way...(they are tricky, those trees are, they look quite static as if rooted to the ground, but take your attention off of them for a second and they will jump out in front of you and bite your car!..Ask Tulsa about this, she knows. Except her experience is when the car itself decides to drive and backwards at that!)) So the plan is to go to the next biggest town, about 60 miles away (far enough from the in-laws) and get a room and sleep without interruption, a necessary thing for recuperation, but something I was not getting at home. I have always held that when some Juan is ill, you do not invite feisty family members who drink to come over for the evening and stress the living _____________ (fill in the blank with your favorite saying) out of you! I tried to ignore them, but my food was going to be served with their food which was delayed past my therapeutic nap time.
    I could not properly glare at them with my droopy sinus swollen eyes, I likely resembled a Saint Bernard glaring. The effect is lost and all they see are puppy dog droopy eyes and who has any respect for that?

    At least the Tropics have settled down and power is back, but because of the flooding nobody had fresh meat for sale at the market, only the fisherman who sold my wife a pound or so of fresh shrimp. They fried it up with fresh garlic and oil (the smell of which immediately grabs your attention) they fried them whole with the heads, antennae and legs or arms or whatever you call them. So, when they are served, you must dismember them to eat them. They were small shrimp, and so when the dismembering was complete a quarter sized morsel of shrimp was left. This was dipped in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar. I was delighted at the flavor! I was also delighted at the taste of the fresh shrimp and its texture. It was soft and had no "fishy" taste or smell! I only got a few of them because they are famous for causing flare ups of gout, which has happened to me before when I was there. Obviously, their witch doctor medical team went to work on finding a cure (Juan that they would never dare try on themselves, but it seemed proper to honor me with the treatment (which NEVER works and is often worse than the illness itself).
    I protested, but somehow, my authority had its wings clipped and I was denied. Its apparently easy to say no to Saint Bernard eyes...
    I was assured that, upon my return to health, they would acquire a lot of larger specimens for our culinary delight, and I abetted them in their quest.

    But that was hours ago.

    I had to search the kitchen for something to eat and found a bowl of instant noodles!
    I tried to read the directions on the cardboard bowl but it was too small, so I just emptied all the packets into the bowl and poured boiling water to the line.

    It was rather tasty and now, since have coughed everything into atoms, I will now try, once again, to get some sleep.

    Nap if you can, it is never a waste of time.
  20. McBart ender's Avatar
    KKKiddd, I suppose antibiotics are out of the question. Is there any way to get something more effective than the herbal version of 'Mega Colon Blow'?

  21. KanKunKid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by McBart ender
    KKKiddd, I suppose antibiotics are out of the question. Is there any way to get something more effective than the herbal version of 'Mega Colon Blow'?

    Modern medical science has long held that antibiotics are ineffective against viral illnesses and that except for some, like HIV, the body will eventually fight the virus into destruction or dormancy. Antibiotics are more useful against bacteria provided they are dosed properly. Unnecessary use of antibiotics can lead to the particular bacteria to form a resistance and render that particular antibiotic useless for further treatment.
    That is why antibiotics are always the last resort (for me).

    I have always held that the body shouldn't need help disposing of it's waste unless the that is the problem. otherwise, leave it alone. Rest and healthy liquid intake are the best therapy for any disease.

    But to answer your question, I believe there may be something stronger than colon blow, but what is the point of that? I mean unless you are going for some record or other...
  22. McBart ender's Avatar
    I said "more effective", not 'stronger'.

    A good decongestant or some psudofedrine (sp?) might help break that up. I agree that antibiotics are overused, BUT they can help fight infections that often occur in conjunction with viral attacks.
  23. Tulsahurrcane's Avatar
    Can't believe school shooting. You Florida educators must be a little shaken up. My sympathy to you.
  24. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Yes, words.

    3K, I would feel better if you were NOT alone. Your illness could turn nasty very quickly. Pneumonia sneaks up on you real fast and bacteria just love gooey lungs. Someone needs to be able to summon help.
    Updated 02-15-2018 at 12:13 AM by Landfall2004 (PS Laterz--off to da track.)
  25. Cos's Avatar
    This particular school shooting happened at a school that's just down the block a mile or so away. My Florida nieces went there, my own son would have gone there had he not gone to the IB magnet school. I pass by this school almost daily. Unfortunately, odds are that I know 1 or 2 of the parents of the students killed or 1 or 2 of the teachers killed. Thoughts and prayers and all.
    Updated 02-15-2018 at 12:29 AM by Cos
  26. InTheCone's Avatar
    Good Morning Bunkerites!

    Well, at least the weather's quiet down here.

    Get well Triple K!
  27. InTheCone's Avatar
    Ais' BreakFastCast - Just a brief reminder from today's weather - summer is coming.....

    Today: Mostly cloudy. Patchy dense fog in the morning. Highs around 80. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph.

    Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in the lower 60s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.
  28. blakels's Avatar
    Yes Cone, we're starting the day at 42 which is 33 degrees warmer than yesterday. The snow is starting to melt but we only lost 2" of depth, down to 12
  29. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Morning folks.

    It's currently 66 and overcast with cream of chicken fog in Navarre. Should get a few degrees warmer during the day.
  30. InTheCone's Avatar
    Morning Blakels & Dr. Mark!

    Slow and steady sounds perfect - no floods! NOLA needs Juan after Mardi Gras - well it needs a good flushing anytime, but it's wurster than ever
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