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April/May:April Drencheroos & May Mayhem?

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by on 04-01-2018 at 09:13 AM (9492 Views)
Tis’ the season for – rain & possibly some pre-tropical mischief, which means more – rain. Any which way we shake it out…..

Unless, of course, we have an epic drought – which seems likely in Fl. Then there’s the ’Naders wandering about causing mayhem, so we’ll have to keep an eye on the SPC maps….

More snoh for the north? Long term trends seem to think it’s going to be a chilly April, so gawking at the national radar to see what’s going on is always a good idea……

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  1. InTheCone's Avatar
    Looks to be on the outer rim - can be dumped on unsuspecting victim's feet all around a large area.
  2. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Ah, ha, ha, ha! Got ya, Cos!

    We have been invaded by the Bahamian Curly-tails and the Agama.

    Nonnatives - African Readhead Agama
  3. InTheCone's Avatar
    Good Morning Bunkerites!

    Interesting LF, I have mot seen any of the Agamas around here - yet. Plenty of the curly tails, but no redheaded critters.

    All of the models are still showing mischief for NEXT WEEK, here's the Euro at the end of the run.....

  4. InTheCone's Avatar
    New and Improved Goofus Mark V™ is all in on ruining BarKeeps' party - gotta love it

  5. Aislinn's Avatar
    Good morning, afternoon and evening, everyjuan! Trip was great, had a really good time. Luke, my GSD, did awesome. Did some sightseeing on the way home, quick stop at Lincoln's birthplace and then wandered through Vicksburg. I still like Shiloh and Gettysburg better, but enjoyed Vicksburg. Hopefully I'll go back another time, there was more I'd like to see and find after reading two books while there overnight.

    Breakfast’s on the sideboard: baked salmon eggs benedict, sausage and egg waffle tacos, bacon wrapped sausage stuffed pork tenderloin, pineapple chunks, spiced home fries, asparagus, chicken and cheese breakfast burritos, cornbread breakfast pizza, chicken and waffles casserole, ham, broccoli and cheese braid, bacon, egg and cheese strata, tea or coffee. Enjoy!
  6. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Glad Aislinn had a great trip and made it home safe!

    Well, it is officially summer. No crispness to the early morning air, and my hair still hasn't dried by itself and it has been over an hour. The eeeewwwwmidity is back.
  7. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KanKunKid
    Western Ohio, working like a borrowed mule.

    A borrowed mule with a tendency to nap.

    The planet's weather is becoming difficult to keep up with, I believe we are entering into a new era of strange.
    I am facing it with my usual stiff upper lip, which is usually found on a cold beer and something delicious, followed by a nap of course, sooner or later.
    Work has been very time consuming and since the insistence of the IRS has caused me to act in such a way that left a sizeable hole in my petty cash account, I have had to devote a greater amount of free time to refilling it to an acceptable level, and even though they took a large chunk of it, as they did last year, without so much as a "thank you" or even a "kiss my ***" I cannot deduct that amount from my income next year, the greedy %%$#%@$&!
    So, I have not had the time to check in as often as I would like. It's not as romantic and dreamy as panning for gold out west, but it keeps me away just as much, without the fun, sun, and sweet solitude.
    I may be around this area more than TN for awhile. Juan must occasionally opt to be near a reliable source of dinero when Juan is able. It is also true of Cerveza. And other desirable items that the BCLA may not appreciate me mentioning here in the PG rated section.

    So, if I am not regular as I have been, it not because I am eating more cheese. I have just been busy doing stuff and spending evening conversing with my better half 12K miles away on Google Duo.

    I believe the ECF may be in for a work out soon. Fortunately Mark is there to observe and fidget. With Jeff gone and Leftenant Nodar in rehab, his hands will be full when he is not doing the Monster Mash. (monster spider mash that is).

    You may have something there. A new, non-sensory indicator of incoming DOOM.
    I would prefer something a little less spidery, myself, but I actually don't like creatures of any kind invading my living space or storage space for ANY reason. If I have to make up a reason, even if it is Juan that can be used to explain their ability to foretell DOOM, they still will face the treatment of an unwanted intruder. This usually carries with it, the death sentence. But lest some Juan think I am too harsh, I have modified my policy to allow such intruders to explain themselves: If they are able to do so to my satisfaction, then they may be dealt with in a less severe manner, or if the death sentence will create a nasty mess, then them may be expelled or expelled and executed in a remote location.

    Juan may be forced to make sacrifices in the name of science, but Juan must not lose sight of the importance of living life to the full, without unwanted and/or unneeded, unnecessary or silly indicators of DOOM.
    Ants are the worst scammers. They just want in to clean up a mess you failed to clean up yourself. Yes, they will clean it up to the last molecule, if it is something they like. But then they make themselves at home and start getting into things that are not intended for them, and will eat it all up if left unchecked. They may not crap everywhere like mice do, but still they will invade hidden places and weaken wood structures and generally make a nuisance of themselves. But nothing is better at foretelling incoming DOOM than an ant pile. The trouble is, they ARE DOOM! A winter storm is nothing compared to the food they decimate and make inedible by their crunchy little bodies in your food and their crunchy little corpses floating benignly in your coffee as if it were a coarse ground spice that taste like ant ass. (The taste of which I do not like, even with hazelnut additive).
    The weather models may be off, but at least they can be turned off and ignored.
    The spider indicator of DOOM may work, but I would view it the same as a hemorrhoid is an indicator that you strained yourself
    once too often. Yes, as an indicator it is accurate and true, but is a real pain in the butt.

    It's good to see you are still with us Dr. Kid.

    As our resident model caster par excellance (Cone) shows, we are facing certain DOOM Juance again. It seems to be the normal state of things during certain parts of the year, but I am stuck here for the time being none the less. It's becoming too hot at my California digs for anything at all, unless you don't mind becoming part of the landscape with wind blown sand whistling through your skeletal ribs. That doesn't sound appealing to me at this time. I plan to go to CO to work my claims there using some of the new equipment I bought which I believe will be useful there, but the claims I want to work wont be accessible until July or so. The snow pack this year is lower than normal, so they may be accessible a little earlier.

    We shall have to wait and see as the prodigy Levi is want to say.

    Despite the certainty of DOOM and most likely the GLOOM that often comes with it, there has not been a repeat of The Dawn Of The Monster Spiders. Obviously it is a short range model. Therefore it is much more reliable, much as the ant hill model is.

    I will stay observant an do my best to man the ECF station for the time being. I have no where else to go and a man has to make a stand some times. Even if it is hopeless.

    I'd rather live on my feet than die on my knees.

    That's all for now. I hope your travels and exertions find you well. You only have a few more months until the government is paid off and then you can keep the results of your labors. At least for the remainder of the year and the cycle resets.

    Frickin establishment pukes.
  8. LaughingCat's Avatar
    The video that my friend put on FB got picked up by NBC Washington, so I will try to share it again!

    She's gone viral
  9. InTheCone's Avatar
    it's Juan of those drencherio things

    Love it - hope they didn't sustain any serious damage when the tree came down.
  10. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingCat
    The video that my friend put on FB got picked up by NBC Washington, so I will try to share it again!

    She's gone viral
    And that right there is why the 80 ft. + Silk oak, 30-40' from the house, had to come down this spring.

    House is still surrounded by Sabal Palms, but they are used to this kind of weather.
  11. Landfall2004's Avatar
    .................and the radar says that we should get walloped by rain right when I am supposed to take the grkids to Wallyworld right after school to pick up birthday gift for a friend...................
  12. LaughingCat's Avatar
    It WAS quite funny! I don't think they had serious damage... just some tree removal and frayed nerves!
  13. LaughingCat's Avatar
    LF what do you use for future casting? I use HRRR on Levi's site.
  14. InTheCone's Avatar
    Afternoon Peeps!

    I use the HRRR as well. The official site has a great SFL sector, but nothing like that for NC, it's covered in the SE sector the same as on Levi's site.

    Radar is lit up, so I think LF may be dodging some drops(or waterfalls) this afternoon.....

  15. McBart ender's Avatar

    AnyJuan up for some swirly-ish blob watching in the South Cab? Nearly a Cantankerous cloud by the looks of it.

  16. McBart ender's Avatar
  17. McBart ender's Avatar
  18. LaughingCat's Avatar
    Looks of pretty colors, Bart.

    My favorite city is Vorticity.
  19. McBart ender's Avatar
    Vorticity?! Oh Nooooohs!
  20. InTheCone's Avatar
    Pre-Season blobules require extra festerization. Next Week will be much more interestinger and may provide an extra dose of , but probably will just require the use of the Bunker Ark™ and Party Barge™

    12z Euro isn't too gung ho on explosive blobogenesis......

  21. Ossqss's Avatar
    There has been much talk on the interweb of modeled development in that area in the near future. Option #2 practice may be in order!
  22. InTheCone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ossqss
    There has been much talk on the interweb of modeled development in that area in the near future. Option #2 practice may be in order!
    Yes indeed - option #2 practice will be needed, if for no other reason than to get us into proper shape for The Season™

    Shear, shear and more shear.......

  23. Landfall2004's Avatar
    GO SHEAR!!!!

    Y'all should have seen us 3 at Wallyworld. Took the umbrellas in with us, as the skies looked threatening. Sure enough, it began to pour, so out we go with our package and 1 umbrella each. Grammy held the umbrellas while each grkid got in the car. And then there I stood with 3 umbrellas. And somebody waiting for my parking space. So, I folded and shook-out the 2 umbrellas, put my umbrella over my door, threw the other 2 umbrellas in the passenger floorboard, took out my little rag, closed my door a bit and retracted my umbrella. Then I used my little rag to dry up the drips!

    When we got home, I let the kids out by the front door under the front porch, then went and parked and used my umbrella AGAIN to get to the front door. Whew. If I drank Option 2, now would be the time.
    Updated 05-17-2018 at 08:16 PM by Landfall2004
  24. Landfall2004's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingCat
    LF what do you use for future casting? I use HRRR on Levi's site.
    I don't have a favorite. I just look around and go check out what Levi and P are saying, and then look at the local radar on The Water Closet.
  25. InTheCone's Avatar
    It's been raining for a solid hour here
  26. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    Good afternoon. Some funny stuff here. As to the HRRR I much prefer Pivotal Weather over Levi's site.

    LC can switch to the Mid-Atlantic region but here's the link to the Southeast. For juan that has not used the HRRR - it updates hourly and isn't the end-all be-all but gives a good indicator to short term trends.

    pivotalweather - HRRR - Total Accumulated QPF Loop
  27. Landfall2004's Avatar
    BTW--4" of rain here Monday and 5" Today.

    And Hi, Aug!
  28. NavarreMark's Avatar
    We've had rumbling thunder to the north of us for hours now, but no rain as of yet. We had a brief drencheroo yesterday and the day before. Mama says that up til then we hadn't had any rain at all for over a month.
    But then I came home. That's all it takes.

    It's a gift.
  29. NavarreMark's Avatar
    The 18Z NAM shows that ECF will be effective for 72 hours and may then suffer some issues.

  30. NavarreMark's Avatar

    I finally figured out how to post an image with the new computing machine I have now.
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