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@#$%&#@ WEEDS

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by on 03-01-2012 at 09:30 PM (5418 Views)

A good chunk of my week in the warmer months is spent battling the persistant little cusses.

Anybody with experience in FL or the Gulf Coast who has experience battling the @#$%$%%^%^s feel free to post your advice and experiences here.

By pulling our demented minds together, maybe we can come up with a workable solution.

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  1. kaiden's Avatar
    Good Blog

    Mark. i use a little round up, just get a piece of cardboard to protect your Plants. Use on a non windy day.

    Oh and FIRST!!!!!
  2. kaiden's Avatar
    Mark I also have a small tiller that will scratch around the flower beds. It will loosen up the soil and make weed pulling easier. My big problem is Nut Grass, it has a root that goes half way to the mantel under the earths crust.
  3. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    3nd! The lawn service does a fairly good job Mark but they don't treat the beds. I'm already starting to tug a lug.
  4. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    Agreed on the nutgrass kaiden. That's my biggest nemesis come spring. Luckily it hasn't arrived yet as warm as it's been.
  5. kaiden's Avatar
    that is about the only thing I use round up on, you can pull your fingers out of their sockets, and a week later its back.
  6. gomexwx's Avatar
    is nut grass the same as we call jap grass?
  7. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    If only nutgrass can be a broadleaf. Last spring I literally pulled 4 30 gallon trash bags of nutgrass in one weekend but I think that was due to the cold winter and slow restoration of the St Augustine. The lawn is looking healthier this year and hopefully less labor pulling them out.
  8. kaiden's Avatar
    Yes it is, a big pain in the A$$
  9. NavarreMark's Avatar

    HIP HIP!!! HIP HIP!!! HIP HIP!!!

  10. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    A mighty fine job Mark.
  11. kaiden's Avatar
    Technically Aug you were 2nd, I made two posts.

    Maybe someday I will make a blog.
  12. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Being from CO, I still do not know the names of the weeds I see here. If ya'll could post pictures of what your talking about it would help me know what ya'll are talking about.

    Kaiden. Is Roundup the same thing as Weed Be Gone?
  13. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Thanks Aug. It took alot out of me. LOL
  14. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    Here's the nutgrass (at least in my area)

  15. NavarreMark's Avatar
    What does Nut Grass look like? Is it kinda like Crab Grass?
  16. kaiden's Avatar
    They are different brands made by different Company's.
  17. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Thanks Aug. Now I know what your talking about. We have that. The weed killer doesn't work on it. I have to pull that by hand.
  18. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    and this one used to give me hell years ago - Virginia buttonweed.

  19. NavarreMark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kaiden
    They are different brands made by different Company's.
    I know they are different brands, but are they the same chemical?
  20. kaiden's Avatar
    Thanks Aug that picture gave me a cold shutter.

    Mark about 4-6 inches underground it has a bulb type thing, if you do not get it out it will just come back.
  21. kaiden's Avatar
    Mark I do not know, I have round up and will see what the active stuff is in a few moments.
  22. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    They're buggers for sure kaiden. Honestly I have a few problems with the nutgrass and a couple of others but I have a St Augustine lawn and my biggest pet peeve (from a non weed perspective) is the bermuda infiltration from my neighbor. I can't keep up anymore. I've given up. I'm probably 80% St Augustine/20% Bermuda but that's slowly changing year by year.
  23. gomexwx's Avatar
    around here everytime the county works on something they plant that dang bahaia grass and it is hell when it takes hold...
    My yard is St Augustine an I constantly fight bahaia
  24. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    I feel your pain gome. I also have one little corner that gets centipede (curses neighbors)

  25. kaiden's Avatar
    The active goodies in Roundup Concentrate Plus, 6 ounces per Gallon is Gyphosate Isoproplamine salt is 18%, and Diquat Dibromide is 0.73%. If you can say that 3 times real fast, you earn a cold one.

    I have had luck with nut grass using roundup.
  26. kaiden's Avatar
    I have about 2 acres that I mow, I have St Augustine, centapede, and some of your Bahia out in the far back. One day i will work on getting a good lawn on the front of the house.
  27. Scooster67's Avatar
    my entire 10 acres is Bahia grass. Hard to keep up with it in the summer.
  28. Scooster67's Avatar
    I do have one of these though..

  29. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    Once upon a time I had a nice lawn.

  30. kaiden's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scooster67
    I do have one of these though..

    I bought one of those 6 years ago, except mine is red, they are the best mowers invented, cut my mowing time over 50%.
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