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Greatest Hurricane and Typhoon images of all time

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by on 09-28-2011 at 03:37 AM (2268 Views)
I am creating this blog for all to post images of the most famous and infamous hurricanes and Typhoons of all time. I will start witth powerful hurricane Gilbert of 1988.

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Tropical Weather


  1. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Here is Hurricane Isabels eye with multiple vortices.

  2. Hurlrap's Avatar
    Updated 09-28-2011 at 03:55 AM by Tropicsweatherpr (Image too big)
  3. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
  4. CRepp28's Avatar

    One of my favorites is the GOES 15 rapid scan of Igor last year.
  5. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Updated 09-28-2011 at 10:26 AM by Tropicsweatherpr (Image large)
  6. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
  7. P451's Avatar
    I still like Mitch, Linda, and Gilbert.

  8. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Hurricane Felix on 2007.

  9. FLdewey's Avatar
    See... now THAT is a hurricane. Haven't seen much of that on the East side this year, which hey maybe is a good thing.
  10. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Hurricane Linda (Cat 5) in 1997.

  11. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    This is Hurricane Lili of 1996 that Levi mentions in his tibdits.

  12. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    The lefty hurricane Lenny in 1999.

  13. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Hurricane Lili in 2002.

  14. P451's Avatar
    Hurricane Rick of the EPac one year... I think it was 1985 I remember tuning into TWC and they showed a sat pic of him. They had him as 145mph I believe. I can't find the storm's pic tho...and when I find the storm they have it peaked at 135.

    I just remember the sat pick was incredible. Large storm, looked exactly like the cyclone icon with perfect tails to the north and south.
  15. P451's Avatar
    Ah Wiki has it... but the photo isn't the real clear one the TWC had shown.
  16. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Hurricane Wilma when it had the pressure of 882 mbs.

  17. StAugustineFL's Avatar
    P451, is this the one you're looking for?

    Updated 09-29-2011 at 09:23 PM by StAugustineFL
  18. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Hurricane Luis in 1995.

  19. InTheCone's Avatar
    Gilbert was a classic....

  20. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Hurricane Frances poster.

  21. PSLFLCaneVet's Avatar
    Hurricane Ivan, from the ISS:


    220 miles above the northern Gulf, as it's approaching landfall. Winds estimated at 135 mph.
  22. Tropicsweatherpr's Avatar
    Super-Typhoon Keith in 1997 affecting the Marianas.

  23. sunlinepr's Avatar
    Check the size of the eye, compared with Puerto Rico in the south....
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