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    Question HOW TO: Use the chat feature

    The shoutbox chat feature here is not just a chat system, it is also an activity feed. This chat appears in two areas - a full screen version is available by clicking the chat link in the top nav bar. The other smaller version appears at the top of the blogs page (click blogs in the nav bar) The activity feed feature makes it easy to see when people are posting where - which can be difficult as the site grows. Also if you have sounds enabled you can surf the web, and hear a "pop" when something happens back here. Here's to multitasking.

    Here is a quick rundown of the features:

    1) This is where you enter your text to appear in the chat - hit enter to post the chat
    2) This is where you control who you send a PM to - also to the right of 2 is the font controls and emoticons.
    3) This is the option to create a private room. Nobody can see this room until you invite them.
    4) This is the invitation option for option 3 above. To invite someone to a private room click that rom tab and then click this button and enter their username.
    5) This is the sound on/off button
    6) this is the size of the text display for you

    In addition to these options each user has a specific set on controls in their user control panel. To access your user control panel click "settings" at the top right of any page. The "shoutbox" options are at the bottom left of your user control panel.

    If you have any difficulties or have any suggestions please post in the Site Suggestions & Questions forum.
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