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Public Information Statement, Comment Request
National Weather Service Headquarters, Washington DC
950 AM EST Wed Feb 1 2012

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From: Bill Lapenta
Acting Director, Environmental Modeling Center
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)

Subject: Soliciting Public Comments on Modification of Product
Dissemination Time of Hurricane Weather Research and
Forecast (HWRF) System Products through March 9, 2012

NCEP is proposing to upgrade the Hurricane Weather Research and
Forecast (HWRF) modeling system in May 2012. This upgrade would
result in HWRF products being distributed to the National
Hurricane Center (NHC) and to the public up to 20 minutes later
than the current distribution time. The NWS is seeking comments
on this proposed upgrade and resultant distribution schedule
change by March 9, 2012.

The proposed upgrades to the HWRF modeling system would be:

- Inclusion of a very high-resolution storm-following third nest
operating at 3 km horizontal resolution within a 9 km
intermediate domain and 27 km outer domain
- A centroid-based nest motion algorithm for accurate storm
- Improved vortex initialization applicable for 3 km horizontal
resolution and upgraded GSI
- Improved PBL, convection and microphysics parameterizations
- Improved synthetic satellite products for GOES and microwave
- A very high temporal resolution tracker product

The benefits to the user community would be improved hurricane
track, intensity and structure prediction.

The delayed delivery time would affect all HWRF products
distributed through NOAAPORT, the NWS ftp server and the NCEP
ftp/http server.

More details about the HWRF are available at:

National Centers for Environmental Prediction

At the close of the public comment period, NWS will evaluate the
comments to determine whether to proceed with this upgrade to the
HWRF as planned. If a decision is made to move forward, a
Technical Information Notice will be issued containing the
implementation date and more details about the upgrade and
resultant product delays.

atmo: I expect this to go through. I sure hope the improvements finally take HWRF to what it was supposed to be in TC models. (The latest and most skillful, the next generation of TC modeling.)